Michael Morehead

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Abnormal sleep-wake organization is frequently seen in idiopathic parkinsonism (PD) and other parkinsonism syndromes. A 1993 article in The Annals of Neurology first described the high rate of REM behavior disorder (RBD) in non-demented PD patients (1). In this article, we present the case reports of three non-demented PD patients who manifested RBD while(More)
The high degree of complexity in cellular and circuit structure of the brain poses challenges for understanding tissue organization, extrapolated from large serial sections electron microscopy (ssEM) image data. We advocate the use of 3D immersive virtual reality (IVR) to facilitate the human analysis of such data. We have developed and evaluated the(More)
Connectomics-the study of how neurons wire together in the brain-is at the forefront of modern neuroscience research. However, many connectomics studies are limited by the time and precision needed to correctly segment large volumes of electron microscopy (EM) image data. We present here a semi-automated segmentation pipeline using freely available software(More)
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