Michael Mielke

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This paper shows how we developed a 7-Steps-Method to determine, measure and improve DQ in our team. Based on an actual business process description, we worked out the critical process points. Then we interviewed all Team Members to get a basic idea of how our Information Customers rate Data Quality at all and within the sub-processes looking at the(More)
We report on the recent design and fabrication of kagome-type hollow-core photonic crystal fibers for the purpose of high-power ultrashort pulse transportation. The fabricated seven-cell three-ring hypocycloid-shaped large core fiber exhibits an up-to-date lowest attenuation (among all kagome fibers) of 40 dB/km over a broadband transmission centered at(More)
Energy scaling of femtosecond fiber lasers has been constrained by nonlinear impairments and optical fiber damage. Reducing the optical irradiance inside the fiber by increasing mode size lowers these effects. Using an erbium-doped higher-order mode fiber with 6000 µm(2) effective area and output fundamental mode re-conversion, we show a breakthrough in(More)
We demonstrate the suppression of intensity fluctuations, which are known as mode partition noise, in a multiwavelength semiconductor laser by using a hybrid mode-locking scheme. The laser design incorporates a saturable absorber and a gain-modulated semiconductor optical amplifier, along with spectral filtering, in an external cavity to achieve(More)
A novel monolithic fiber-optic chirped pulse amplification (CPA) system for high energy, femtosecond pulse generation is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. By employing a high gain amplifier comprising merely 20 cm of high efficiency media (HEM) gain fiber, an optimal balance of output pulse energy, optical efficiency, and B-integral is achieved. The(More)
Datability? Brauchen wir neue Begriffe? Schon seit den 90er Jahren steht die Anwendbarkeit – fitness for use – im Mittelpunkt der Daten-/Informations-qualität. Auch der Schutz und verantwortungsvolle Umgang mit Daten wird seit Langem postuliert, scheint sich aber nicht flächendeckend durchgesetzt zu haben. Die Enthüllungen von ehemaligen Mitarbeitern(More)
We demonstrate high average power, high energy 1.55 μm ultra-short pulse (<1 ps) laser delivery using helium-filled and argon-filled large mode area hollow core photonic band-gap fibers and compare relevant performance parameters. The ultra-short pulse laser beam-with pulse energy higher than 7 μJ and pulse train average power larger than 0.7 W-is output(More)