Michael Middleton

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An analysis is undertaken of a disciplinary framework for information management suggested by Rowley in 1998 in order to consider its applicability to information services. The analysis uses several case studies that have been conducted on the development of scientific and technological information (STI) services. These services have all been involved in(More)
In the present study, the authors examined college students' (N= 136) perceptions of the provision of extrinsic rewards given by parents and teachers for academic performance from elementary school through high school. They also examined the relations between reward history and present student motivational orientation. External rewards for students' grades(More)
Executive Summary Information and Communication Technology is the driving force in the information intensive global society. Information Technology (IT) professionals with skills and capabilities required by the IT industry are scarce. Industry and policy makers see education institutions as the vehicle to produce skilled IT professionals to bridge the gap(More)
Le territoire des recherches en Information Literacy (IL) s'est beaucoup enrichi en dix ans. On peut, avec Bruce, y reconnaître cinq dimensions : 1. la localisation sectorielle des recherches ; 2. les façons de considé-rer l'IL ; 3. l'objet de la recherche, soit ce qu'il s'agit d'étudier ; 4. la méthode de recherche, soit la manière dont on étudie cet objet(More)
Information Systems (IS) applications have proliferated in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) as organisations in these countries begin to realise the benefits of utilising these technologies to improve business process and enhance productivity. However much IS implementation in LDCs has been unsuccessful. Successful approaches should take account of(More)