Michael Metzger

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The question of satissability for a given proposi-tional formula arises in many areas of AI. Especially nding a model for a satissable formula is very important though known to be NP-complete. There exist complete algorithms for satissability testing like the Davis-Putnam-Algorithm, but they often do not construct a satisfying assignment for the formula ,(More)
LAGLIDADG homing endonucleases (LHEs) are a family of highly specific DNA endonucleases capable of recognizing target sequences ≈ 20 bp in length, thus drawing intense interest for their potential academic, biotechnological and clinical applications. Methods for rational design of LHEs to cleave desired target sites are presently limited by a small number(More)
Eosinophil migration from circulation is controlled, in part, by chemokines through a family of G-protein-coupled chemokine receptors (CCR). Studies of human eosinophils have demonstrated that signaling through CCR3 receptors is a prominent pathway leading to chemotaxis, although several other receptor-ligand interactions also appear to mediate eosinophil(More)
Worries about authors, their identity and authority, are as old as worries about Homer's link to the Odyssey, Plato's link to Socratic dialogues, or an unknowable poet's link to the biblical Book of Job. Thankfully, such worries do not haunt us always. The inescapable impact of the old nurse who recognizes the scar, or the incautious request Socrates makes(More)
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