Michael Meixner

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1. ABSTRACT Although several methods for updating radiosity shadows in interactive scenarios have been proposed in literature, radiosity shadows are still too slow to provide realtime shadow feedback. But, shadow feedback often is desired also during user interaction. Realtime shadow methods usually are very different from the radiosity approach; therefore,(More)
A new approach for high-level power estimation is presented which considers the increasingly important effect of glitching. The approach is based on modeling of functional building blocks by pre-characterization. This way the accuracy of modeling at the circuit level can be preserved to higher levels of abstraction. New metrics employing probability(More)
by the U.S. industry, and it is estimated that approximately 80% of this is spent on correcting chronic failure of machines, system and people.” This clearly indicates the pressing need to reduce these non-product investments, and, in particular, maintenance costs in manufacturing facilities. Another important aspect of non-product investment, especially in(More)
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