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Malicious software (malware) represents a major threat for computer systems of almost all types. In the past few years the number of prevalent malware samples has increased dramatically due to the fact that malware authors started to deploy morphing (aka obfuscation) techniques in order to hinder detection of such polymorphic malware by anti-malware(More)
In addition to preventive mechanisms intrusion detection systems (IDS) are an important instrument to protect computer systems. Most IDSs used today realize the misuse detection approach. These systems analyze monitored events for occurrences of defined patterns (signatures), which indicate security violations. Up to now only little attention has been paid(More)
[1] For 26 days in mid-June and July 2000, a research group comprised of U.S. Navy, NASA, and university scientists conducted the Puerto Rico Dust Experiment (PRIDE). In this paper we give a brief overview of mean meteorological conditions during the study. We focus on our findings on African dust transported into the Caribbean utilizing a Navajo aircraft(More)
Modern multi-tier application systems are generally based on high performance database systems in order to process and store business information. Containing valuable business information, these systems are highly interesting to attackers and special care needs to be taken to prevent any malicious access to this database layer. In this work we propose a(More)
Client-based attacks on internet users with malicious web pages represent a serious and rising threat. Internet Browsers with enabled active content technologies such as JavaScript are vulnerable to so-called drive-by downloads. Drive-by downloads are able to automatically infect a victim's system during a single visit of a crafted web page testing various(More)
The current fMRI study investigated cortical processing of electrically induced painful tooth stimulation of both maxillary canines and central incisors in 21 healthy, right-handed volunteers. A constant current, 150% above tooth specific pain perception thresholds was applied and corresponding online ratings of perceived pain intensity were recorded with a(More)