Michael Meanwell

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α-Arylcyclobutanones display unique reactivity that makes them valuable synthetic intermediates and target molecules. We describe the preparation of α-aryl- and α-heteroarylcyclobutanones through a direct α-arylation reaction. Problematic fragmentations are avoided by the use of LiOt Bu, which promotes a rapid but reversible self-aldol reaction that slowly(More)
Pyridine features prominently in pharmaceuticals and drug leads, and methods to selectively manipulate pyridine basicity or metabolic stability are highly sought after. A robust, metal-free direct fluorination of unactivated pyridylic C-H bonds was developed. This convenient reaction shows high functional-group tolerance and offers complimentary selectivity(More)
A general, spherical, rigid model is introduced for describing rotating and translating particles. The model contains a parameter, which we label γ, that smoothly interpolates between the smooth hard sphere (γ = 0) and rough hard sphere (γ = 1) limits. Analytic expressions for transport coefficients are determined for the general model in the low density(More)
Iminosugars have attracted increasing attention as chemical probes, chaperones and leads for drug discovery. Despite several clinical successes, their de novo synthesis remains a significant challenge that also limits their integration with modern high-throughput screening technologies. Herein, we describe a unique synthetic strategy that converts a wide(More)
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