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The frightened daughter is the 25-year-old Princess Isabel, wife of Frederick of Austria, writing from Graz to her father James II of Aragon. Her anxious father wrote back immediately, asking her what her doctors said her symptoms were and what they thought had caused the illness, so that he could summon his own medical experts to see if they knew how she(More)
We should not assume that medieval physicians did not take pains to found their practice upon evidence. Academic physicians at Montpellier ca. 1300 were cautious about accepting textbook claims for the powers of drugs, and tried to verify each drug's physiological effects before using it; yet they were also flexible, ready to believe that powerful new(More)
Ibn Zuhr (ca. 1091-1161) is the most important physician of Muslim Spain. His Kitâb al-Taysîr, translated into Hebrew and Latin, is principally a manual of therapeutics containing descriptions of clinical cases. His description "On Verrucae (tha'âlîl) that Occur in the Stomach [sic]," which deals with an emaciated Berber who evacuates a tumour the size of(More)
Among Galenic texts attracting attention circa 1300 was De complexionibus, which described a crude protocol for determining the qualitative character and intensity of any given medicine. This caught the attention of physicians at Montpellier, where three generations of writers made it into a carefully structured test procedure for identifying by a via(More)