Michael Mckean

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The British Thoracic Society first published management guidelines for community acquired pneumonia in children in 2002 and covered available evidence to early 2000. These updated guidelines represent a review of new evidence since then and consensus clinical opinion where evidence was not found. This document incorporates material from the 2002 guidelines(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma is the most common chronic childhood illness and is a leading cause for paediatric admission to hospital. Asthma management for children results in substantial costs. There is evidence to suggest that hospital admissions could be reduced with effective education for parents and children about asthma and its management. OBJECTIVES To(More)
RATIONALE Ceramide accumulates in the airway epithelium of mice deficient in cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, resulting in susceptibility to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection and inflammation. OBJECTIVES To investigate quantitatively ceramide levels in the lower airway of people with cystic fibrosis compared with pulmonary hypertension,(More)
Interleukin (IL)-17 is pivotal in orchestrating the activity of neutrophils. Neutrophilic inflammation is the dominant pathology in cystic fibrosis (CF) lung disease. We investigated IL-17 protein expression in the lower airway in CF, its cellular immunolocalisation and the effects of IL-17 on CF primary bronchial epithelial cells. Immunohistochemistry was(More)
L-Arginine has been shown, in human breast cancers, to increase protein synthesis and the number of cells in the growth phase of the cell cycle. L-Arginine, therefore, may potentiate the response of breast cancers to cell cycle-specific cytotoxic agents. This phase II pilot study assessed the clinical, radiological and pathological responses in 44 patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To report the oral corticosteroid-sparing effect of omalizumab in children with severe asthma. DESIGN 16-week therapeutic trial. SETTING Tertiary paediatric asthma clinic. PATIENTS 34 children with severe asthma maintained on oral prednisolone (median age 12 years; 15 children <12 years and 19 children ≥12 years). INTERVENTIONS Fortnightly(More)
BACKGROUND Cough in isolation of other clinical features is known as non-specific cough, which has been defined as non-productive cough in the absence of identifiable respiratory disease or any known aetiology. In children with non-specific cough the possibility of asthma being the underlying disorder is often raised (so called cough variant asthma). The(More)
Human coronavirus (HCoV) accounts for 15-30% of common colds, but only one case report has described the effect of a coronavirus infection, that was asymptomatic, on human respiratory epithelium. The authors examined the effects of infection with HCoV on ciliary structure and function in healthy volunteers infected by intranasal inoculation with HCoV 229E.(More)
BACKGROUND Episodic viral wheeze (EVW) associated with viral respiratory tract infections is a common reason for pre-school children to utilise health care resources and for carers to take time away from employment. About a third of children experience a wheezing episode before the age of five years. EVW therefore represents a significant public health(More)