Michael McShea

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As the volume of data that is electronically available promliferates, the health-care industry is identifying better ways to use this data for patient care. Ideally, these data are collected in real time, can support point-of-care clinical decisions, and, by providing instantaneous quality metrics, can create the opportunities to improve clinical practice(More)
Eclipse/BSD is an operating system derived from FreeBSD. Eclipse/BSD provides flexible and fine-grained Quality of Service (QoS) support for (server) applications. We have implemented hierarchical proportional-share cpu, disk and link schedulers, the /reserv file system providing an API to manipulate " reservations " and a tagging mechanism for the(More)
  • M M McShea
  • 1978
In conclusion, the position of this paper maintains that clinical judgment is a viable, ethical issue of the highest order. Clinical judgment involves the personal orientation, the ethical framework of the one making the decision. Whatever judgment is ultimately made carries with it the burden of the maker's personal ethical approach to life, to the nature(More)
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