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Traumatic brain injury is an insult to the brain caused by an external force that results in an impairment (transient or permanent) of cognitive, behavioral, emotional, or physical function. Traumatic brain injury encompasses shearing injury, which might be seen in a shaken infant, as well as penetrating injury from a foreign body, such as a bullet. This(More)
We have developed a time-based visualization system and tested it in accordance with a well-developed theory of situation awareness during a simulation of an actual emergency. The client-server system is fed by a collaborative server, and uses linguistic parsing, suffix tree clustering, and multidimensional scaling to develop a changing picture of textual(More)
The Pulfrich effect can occur spontaneously, giving severe symptoms of changed visual perception in a variety of conditions in which an interocular latency difference has occurred. The symptoms principally involve misjudgements on the location of objects, especially when driving. Interocular latency differences can inadvertently be created in patients in(More)
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