Michael McNeill

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Where a danger to health from heat stress is identified, standards allow decisions for implementing measures to reduce the heat stress to be made. These standards, specifically ISO 7243 (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index, WBGT) and ISO 7933 (Sweat Required, SWreq) were designed with European and American subjects, primarily for use in those countries. While(More)
As sporting challenge at the elite level becomes ever harder, maximizing effectiveness of the talent development pathway is crucial. Reflecting this need, this paper describes the development of the Talent Development Environment Questionnaire, which has been designed to facilitate the development of sporting potential to world-class standard. The(More)
Percutaneous renal biopsy is a valuable diagnostic approach. While commonly safe, it is not without risk and the most feared vascular complications include hemorrhage, pseudoaneurysm, and arteriovenous fistula formation. We report a case of acute hemorrhage after renal biopsy that was immediately identified by ultrasonography and successfully treated with(More)
To achieve optimum health, the mind, body, and environment must be in balance. Without this balance, a community cannot promote health and wellness in its people. Globally and regionally, in a time of increasing food insecurity, we concurrently witness increments in rates of obesity and physical inactivity. This imbalance affects not only risk for chronic(More)
A characterization program has been developed at Hanford to image past leaks in and around the underground storage tank facilities. The program is based on electrical resistivity, a geophysical technique that maps the distribution of electrical properties of the subsurface. The method was shown to be immediately successful in open areas devoid of(More)
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