Michael McGrady

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BACKGROUND Man-induced mortality of birds caused by electrocution with poorly-designed pylons and power lines has been reported to be an important mortality factor that could become a major cause of population decline of one of the world rarest raptors, the Spanish imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti). Consequently it has resulted in an increasing awareness of(More)
  • M. McGrady
  • 2008
The principal innovation in this paper is to make code as well as data net-centric, i.e., not merely available system wide but dynamically and selectively available as a part of standard operations. The result is a built in capability for systems or networks to evolve without interrupting their operation. This is built on architectural principles that, even(More)
The Kolona Gateway is a modular, cross-domain and multilevel security gateway capable of connecting the Global Information Grid (GIG) in a pluggable manner to civilian air traffic management authorities worldwide in a NextGen context. The Kolona On-Time System is a multipurpose container built to NextGen specifications as a framework for the Gateway(More)
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