Michael McGill

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This chapter reports on the results of a study of the effectiveness of ranking algorithms. Also reported here will be some unexpected findings relating to the performance of document representations and searcher differences. These findings are a by-product of the evaluation of the ranking algorithm. The goal of the study was to evaluate ranking algorithms(More)
Proponents of interactive online bibliographic retrieval systems frequently stress the potential of such systems to take advantage of both human and computer capabilities in the document retrieval process. Yet systems implemented to date have to a great extent placed constraints on both human and machine performance by decisions made at the design stage. To(More)
Plastic pollution is an anthropogenic stressor in marine ecosystems globally. Many species of marine fish (more than 50) ingest plastic debris. Ingested plastic has a variety of lethal and sublethal impacts and can be a route for bioaccumulation of toxic compounds throughout the food web. Despite its pervasiveness and severity, our mechanistic understanding(More)
The development of new and increasingly efficient techniques of software engineering seems to be impressive to everyone except the professional software developers. In a recent summary of a panel discussing software engineering problems to be faced during the 1980's, Wasserman notes: Not surprisingly, the panel concluded that the problems of the '80's look(More)
The School of Information Studies of Syracuse University was known as the School of Library Science until 1974. This name change signalled a shift in emphasis from the traditional study of the library and library activities to a concern with the needs, uses, acquisition, organization, storage and retrieval of information. It also indicated a shift toward a(More)
Purpose – Against a backdrop of high-stakes assessment policies in the USA, this paper explores the challenges, promises and the “state of the art” with regard to designing standardized achievement tests and educational assessment systems that are instructionally useful. Authors deliberate on the consequences of using inappropriately designed tests, and in(More)