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Climate variations influenced the agricultural productivity, health risk, and conflict level of preindustrial societies. Discrimination between environmental and anthropogenic impacts on past civilizations, however, remains difficult because of the paucity of high-resolution paleoclimatic evidence. We present tree ring-based reconstructions of central(More)
T he battle lines are drawn. Hostilities have broken out between armed camps of the software development community. This time the rallying cry is, " XP! " At recent OOPSLA conferences advocates of Extreme Programming (XP) made themselves conspicuous with their red " I XP—Do You? " badges. Some well-known authors and consultants in the OO community(More)
BACKGROUND Post-stroke hyperglycaemia (PSH) is associated with higher mortality and dependence, but further data on predictors of PSH and its evolution over time are required. We examined the prevalence, predictors, and prognosis of acute PSH using data from well-characterised clinical trials in the VISTA database. METHODS Data were extracted for(More)
OBJECTIVE Poststroke hyperglycemia is common and is associated with increased risk of death and dependence, but appropriate management remains uncertain. Glucose potassium insulin (GKI) infusion did not benefit patients with moderate poststroke hyperglycemia in a recent trial. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), previous studies identified a(More)
We tested whether framing a message as a gain or loss would alter its effectiveness by using a dichotic listening procedure to selectively present a health related message to the left or right hemisphere. A significant goal framing effect (losses > gains) was found when right, but not left, hemisphere processing was initially enhanced. The results support(More)
A case of sacral chordoma clinically simulating pilonidal 'cyst' in a 47-year-old male is presented. The clinical presentation with radiographic and histologic features of this entity with post-treatment clinical follow up is presented with a review of the literature.
Sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) is currently recognized throughout the world as a highly promising biomass energy crop. Production systems and management practices for sweet sorghum have not been fully developed for the USA, although sporadic research efforts during recent decades have provided some insights into production of sweet sorghum(More)
In this paper we report the outcomes of two attempts to correlate the Zenhausern Preference Questionnaire (PT) with the Polarity Questionnaire (PQ). Across two laboratories we consistently found no correlation between these two scales. Our findings are consistent with a previous attempt to validate the PQ (Genovese, 2005). We conclude that researchers(More)