Michael Mazilu

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Raman spectroscopy permits acquisition of molecular signatures from both cellular and sub-cellular samples. When combined with optical trapping we may interrogate an isolated cell reducing extraneous signals from the local environment. To date, experimental configurations have employed combinations of the single beam optical tweezers trap and Raman(More)
Early detection of malignant tumours, or their precursor lesions, improves patient outcome. High risk human papillomavirus (HPV), particularly HPV16, infection can lead to the development of uterine cervical neoplasia, and therefore, the identification in clinical samples of the effects of HPV infection may have clinical value. In this report, we apply(More)
Common-path optical coherence tomography (CPOCT) is known to reduce group velocity dispersion and polarization mismatch between the reference and the sample arm as both arms share the same physical path. Existing implementations of CPOCT typically require one to incorporate an additional cover glass within the beam path of the sample arm to provide a(More)
The confinement and controlled movement of metal nanoparticles and nanorods is an emergent area within optical micromanipulation. In this letter we experimentally realise a novel trapping geometry near the plasmon resonance using an annular light field possessing a helical phasefront that confines the nanoparticle to the vortex core (dark) region. We(More)
Near-field optical micromanipulation permits new possibilities for controlled motion of trapped objects. In this work, we report an original geometry for optically deflecting and sorting micro-objects employing a total internal reflection microscope system. A small beam of laser light is delivered off-axis through a total internal reflection objective which(More)
Light induced dielectrophoresis (LIDEP) is a variant of the dielectrophoresis (DEP) mechanism that has been used for some time to manipulate particles in a microfluidic environment. Rather than relying on lithographically created contacts to generate the required electrical fields, the electrical contacts in LIDEP are created through the selective(More)
Quantum state preparation of mesoscopic objects is a powerful playground for the elucidation of many physical principles. The field of cavity optomechanics aims to create these states through laser cooling and by minimizing state decoherence. Here we demonstrate simultaneous optical trapping and rotation of a birefringent microparticle in vacuum using a(More)
We present a new solution of the paraxial equation based on the Pearcey function, which is related to the Airy function and describes diffraction about a cusp caustic. The Pearcey beam displays properties similar not only to Airy beams but also Gaussian and Bessel beams. These properties include an inherent auto-focusing effect, as well as form-invariance(More)
We describe a new modular method for the calculation of wave propagation in stratified media based on the direct use of reflection and transmission coefficients. Within this reflection from the left, transmission, and reflection from the right (LTR) method we define addition and multiplication operators that enable the theoretical construction of any(More)