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This paper presents the results of three evaluation studies performed during 1998 and 1999 on SQL-Tutor, an intelligent tutoring system for the SQL database language. We have evaluated the system in the context of genuine courses, and used the results to further refine the system. The main goal of our research has been the exploration and extension of(More)
We propose a framework and a novel algorithm for the full model selection (FMS) problem. The proposed algorithm, combining both genetic algorithms (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO), is named GPS (which stands for GA-PSO-FMS), in which a GA is used for searching the optimal structure of a data mining solution, and PSO is used for searching the(More)
A novel framework for predicting regression test failures is proposed. The basic principle embodied in the framework is to use performance analysis tools to capture the runtime behaviour of a program as it executes each test in a regression suite. The performance information is then used to build a dynamically predictive model of test outcomes. Our(More)
People from a variety of industrial domains are beginning to realise that appropriate use of machine learning techniques for their data mining projects could bring great benefits. End-users now have to face the new problem of how to choose a combination of data processing tools and algorithms for a given dataset. This problem is usually termed the Full(More)