Michael Maur

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This chapter reviews the approaches that have been studied for the online adaptation of the parameters of ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithms, that is, the variation of parameter settings while solving an instance of a problem. We classify these approaches according to the main classes of online parameter-adaptation techniques. One conclusion of this(More)
— MAX-MIN Ant System (MMAS) is an ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm that was originally designed to start with a very explorative search phase and then to make a slow transition to an intensive exploitation of the best solutions found during the search. This design leads to a rather slow initial convergence of the algorithm, and, hence, to poor(More)
SQL is a declarative language that is dependent on the underlying schema of a database. This means that a causal user must know the underlying schema in order to retrieve relevant data from a database. However, dependency on the schema is undesirable for several reasons. It places a burden on the user to understand the schema, and it requires that the input(More)
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