Michael Masucci

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The immunohistochemical presence and the distribution pattern of four different molecular forms of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) were investigated in the brain of both sexes of the lizard, Podarcis s. sicula. Animals used in this study were collected in November and April, representing two different periods of the reproductive cycle. The antisera(More)
Artist Statement The mobile phone is rapidly evolving and changing our lives. Not so long ago, it was hard to imagine that telephones could carry a video display. But now, almost every mobile phone is equipped with video display capability, and the quality and performance of these phones continues to be enhanced more and more. Future mobile phones will have(More)
Abstract Immunohistochemical mapping with antibodies against four different types of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)-like neuro-peptides has been studied in the brain of adult Rana esculenta. This study confirms the earlier described distribution pattern of the immunoreactive mammaiian GnRH system in the frog brain, as well as revealing that this(More)
1 Introduction EZTV Media in collaboration with the student honors class at the Art Institute of Los Angeles is developing a series of unique on-line screening rooms for on-line viewing their award winning 25 year archive of independent films. It was decided that an exciting way of distributing this archive via the web is to bring the viewer into actual 3D(More)
Localization of GnRH-immunoreactive neuronal system was studied by immunohistochemistry in the nasal-brain area of the crested newt, Triturus carnifex. Besides adults, developmental stages were those from hatchlings up to complete metamorphosis. Neurons containing immunoreactive GnRH were first detected in the nasal area of larvae with yet undifferentiated(More)
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