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We construct fully abstract realisability models of PCF. In particular, we prove a variant of the Longley–Phoa Conjecture by showing that the realisability model over an un-typed –calculus with arithmetic is fully abstract for PCF. Further we consider the extension of our results to a general sequential functional programming language SFPL giving rise to(More)
The growth mode of small Ni clusters evaporated in UHV on HOPG has been investigated by scanning tunnelling microscopy. The size, the size distribution, and the shape of the clusters have been evaluated for different evaporation conditions and annealing temperatures. The total coverage of the surface strongly depends on the evaporation rate and time,(More)
The growth of pentacene on KCl(001) at submonolayer coverage was studied by dynamic scanning force microscopy. At coverages below one monolayer pentacene was found to arrange in islands with an upright configuration. The molecular arrangement was resolved in high-resolution images. In these images two different types of patterns were observed, which switch(More)
  • H Von Löhneysen, R Krupke, +65 authors Besenbacher
  • 2011
Self-assembly of the 3-aminopropyltri-methoxysilane multilayers on Si and hysteretic current-voltage characteristics, STM investigation of large π-conjugated oligomers and tetrahydrofuran codeposited on Cu(111) by pulse injection, Electron mobility variations in surface-charged indium tin oxide thin films, Phys.
Ausgehend vom kleinräumig erhobenen pH-Werten als Variable, sollen geeignete Methoden und Modelle des Data-Mining eruiert, angewandt und ggf. (weiter-)entwickelt werden, um die Makronährstoffe Phosphor und Kalium zu schätzen. Im Fokus dieses Beitrages stehen die Eingrenzung numerischer Modelle und Inputparameter, welche für weitere Schritte die(More)
Im Rahmen vonSensorfusion-Ansätzen zurOn-the-go-Analytik vonpflanzenverfügba-renM akronährstoffen, stellt dieser Werkstattbericht eine explorativeA rbeitv or,w elched ie Eig-nung sowiedie methodisch-technischenG rundlagen derBodenanalytikf ür dieBestimmung derin dieser Arbeit betrachtetenM akronährstoffe Phosphor,K aliumu nd Magnesium mittels(More)
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