Michael Mark

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—This paper deals with system level design considerations for mm-size implantable electronic devices with wireless connectivity. In particular, it focuses on neural sensors as one application requiring such miniature interfaces. Common to all these implants is the need for power supply and a wireless interface. Wireless power transfer via electromagnetic(More)
The PicoCube is a 1 cm<sup>3</sup> sensor node using harvested energy as its source of power. Operating at an average of only 6uW for a tirepressure application, the PicoCube represents a modular and integrated approach to the design of nodes for wireless sensor networks. It combines advanced ultra-low power circuit techniques with system-level power(More)
Besides conventional adjuvant therapies, many breast cancer survivors engage in various activities like exercise, diet and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in order to improve their prognosis. Little is known about specific interests and willingness to participate in institutional programs (e.g. exercise classes). We conducted a cross-sectional(More)
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