Michael Mar Fan

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BACKGROUND Continuous ambulatory analgesia following various surgical procedures is gaining popularity. The purpose of the present paper is to evaluate this form of analgesia following open anterior inguinal hernia repair by way of a pain control infusion pump (PCIP). METHODS Forty-eight consecutive patients scheduled for inguinal hernia repair were(More)
The function of the c-Abl protein tyrosine kinase is unknown. The present studies demonstrate that the antimetabolite 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine (ara-C) induces binding of c-Abl and p53. Ara-C treatment of cells that express wild type or a dominant negative, kinase-inactive c-Abl(K-R) was associated with formation of c-Abl-p53 complexes and increased(More)
The small 11-kDa proteins of B19 parvovirus contain three proline-rich regions which conform to consensus Src homology 3 (SH3) ligand sequences present in signaling molecules within the cell. We have shown that the B19 11-kDa proteins specifically interact with the growth factor receptor-binding protein 2 (Grb2) in vitro. Mutation of prolines within one of(More)
To verify whether microtubules are involved in the mechanism of axoplasmic transport in vivo, [3H]leucine was injected into ventral horns of rats, and 3 h later Ca2+ or other drugs injected into sciatic nerves. The injection of 50-200 mM Ca2+, raising intra-axoplasmic Ca2+ levels, blocked transport above the intraneural injecting site and decreased(More)
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