Michael Mamopoulos

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The purpose of this prospective preliminary clinical study was to assess the efficacy of thromboprophylaxis throughout pregnancy in women with a history of unexplained first trimester recurrent miscarriages. From the 53 patients originally assigned to the study 15 were excluded. The remaining 38 were treated with low molecular weight heparin(More)
The aim of this study was to estimate the percentage of women who asked for pregnancy termination as an alternative to using family planning. The reasons given for requesting termination were documented and evaluated. During a 4-year period, 663 women came to the Family Planning Department. Four hundred and ninety-one (77.6%) were pregnant, in the first(More)
beta-Thalassaemia major is a severe, transfusion-dependent anaemia that also causes infertility due to iron deposition to endocrine organs. Very few pregnancies have been reported among such patients. In this report we describe the evolution and successful outcome of pregnancy in 5 Greek women with beta-thalassaemia major. There were four full-term and one(More)
Cervical pregnancy was diagnosed in a nulliparous, 28-year-old woman who presented with intermittent vaginal spotting at 12 weeks of gestation. Sonographic evaluation revealed a cervical gestational sac with a fetus with cardiac activity. Methotrexate was instilled intraamniotically, followed by an intramuscular injection with folinic acid rescue. On the(More)
In this study we determine the erythropoietin levels and hematocrit in 22 women with preterm labor, 21 with insulin-dependent diabetes, 22 with preeclampsia, and 20 with normal gestation. The erythropoietin level was higher in the preeclamptic group than in the diabetic group compared with the normal and premature groups. There were no hypoxic fetuses. From(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to evaluate factors that may predispose to rupture of tubal ectopic pregnancy. The study included 99 cases of ectopic pregnancies that were treated during the 5-year period 1992-1996. RESULTS It was found that: (1) tubal rupture is encountered more often in women with no history of ectopic pregnancy and in those who(More)
Fifteen patients with polyhydramnios and clinical symptoms related to excess amniotic fluid volume were treated with indomethacin therapy that was started at a mean gestational age of 27.4 +/- 2.79 weeks and discontinued at a mean gestational age of 32.9 +/- 1.83 weeks. Patients were treated with 2.0 to 2.2 mg of indomethacin per kilogram of body weight per(More)
Umbilical cord blood erythropoietin levels and hematocrit are significantly higher in smoking mothers than those nonsmoking ones. In addition, the incidence of newborns with low birthweight is higher in women who smoke. We conclude that in addition to other parameters, cord blood erythropoietin might be used as a valuable indicator of fetal distress in(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that the circulating levels of leptin in the maternal and cord serum correlate with the birthweight of the newborns and with the weight of the placenta. METHODS In a population of 85 women from northern Greece who gave birth to an equal number of full-term infants, we calculated the concentration of leptin in the maternal(More)