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Optimized Driving Functions for Curved Line Source Arrays Using Modeled and Measured Loudspeaker Data
Line Source Arrays (LSAs) are used for large-scale sound reinforcement aiming at the synthesis of homogenous wavefronts for the whole audio bandwidth. The deployed loudspeaker cabinets are generally
Mixed Analytical-Numerical Filter Design for Optimized Electronic Control of Line Source Arrays
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An extraaural headphone for optimized binaural reproduction
This research presents an extraaural headphone for optimized binaural reproduction and its applications in audio engineering, audiology and audiology.
Guimarães, João Henrique D.; Makarski, Michael; Reitz, Klaus; Steinhusen, Constantijn 1 Institute of Technical Acoustics, Aachen University (RWTH) Klausenerstrasse 13-19 52056 Aachen Germany Tel: +49
On the Velocity Distribution at the Interface of Horn Driver and Horn
For numerical simulations (boundary element method) of horns, the distribution of velocity at the horn throat is required as boundary condition. This velocity distribution represents the wave
Two-Port Representation of the Connection between Horn Driver and Horn
A method for measuring and describing horn drivers and horns as independent parts was investigated. It is shown that the well-known two-port representation can be adopted for system characterization