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Cellular automata (CA) are a class of discrete dynamical models which represent an approximation to physical systems composed of a large number of simple and locally interacting elements [18]. They have caught the interest of many researchers because of their rich and diverse phenomenology [16]. In this framework, Wolfram has shown that CA exhibit the full(More)
Mortality of SPF male rats due to hypoxic challenge is less in old than in young rats. This apparent antinomy may be related to a decrease in oxygen consumption because of the relation of volume-surface and, in very old rats (590-700 days old), to a selection process wherby only the hypoxiaresistant rats reach old age.
200 in vitro shots were performed with an EDAP LT 01 system in order to test the sensitivity of the various urinary stones to lithotrity and to study the action of the various shot parameters. All calculi do not have an equally favorable reaction to lithotrity. The deciding factor is neither their hardness, nor their chemical composition, nor their(More)
Cholangiographic and histological examinations after partial hepatectomy in rats have demonstrated the presence of biliary as well as hepatocyte regeneration. Commencing very soon after hepatectomy, biliary degeneration is confirmed by radiological investigation, showing hypertrophy of the intra-hepatic biliary canals, and corroborated histologically by(More)
Eye drops containing antibiotics are more and more numerous, we prescribe them more and more frequently. We found it interesting first to gather in six lists all antibiotics used locally in ophthalmology and to study for everyone its bacterial spectrum. After that we see which bacteria are most frequently met by ophthalmologists and when (presurgery(More)