Michael Machin

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Research has shown that inexperienced drivers underestimate the risks associated with a range of driving situations. In addition, personality factors are an important influence on both risk perceptions and driving behaviour. The study investigated the strength of relationship between personality factors, risk perceptions, and driving behaviour among young,(More)
Aiming at the automatic diagnosis of tumors from narrow band imaging (NBI) magnifying endoscopy (ME) images of the stomach, we combine methods from image processing, computational topology, and machine learning to classify patterns into normal, tubular, vessel. Training the algorithm on a small number of images of each type, we achieve a high rate of(More)
Access the full version of refereed articles, reports and research notes is restricted to members only. Please subscribe to IJRP if you wish to access these. All other areas have free public access. Abstract This study looked at the relationships among work support, work demands, individual morale, individual distress, quality of working life, and(More)
A sample of job seekers (N=161) were assessed on measures of well-being and the latent benefits of employment. The unemployed reported less access to the latent benefits than the underemployed. In a finer grained analysis, there was a monotonic increase from least to most access to the latent benefits from those with no paid work in the past three months,(More)
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