Michael Mac Millan

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the repeatability of spinal range of motion (ROM) and movement velocity measurements of patients with chronic low back pain, using a two-dimensional motion analysis system. This apparatus uses reflective markers placed on anatomical landmarks and video digitization to derive ROM(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the differences in test-retest reliability between maximal and submaximal efforts in an isometric lumbar extension task and to test the hypothesis that submaximal efforts would be less consistent than maximal efforts. Twenty subjects were asked to produce maximum voluntary contractions at seven different(More)
STUDY DESIGN  Equivalence trial (IRB not required for cadaveric studies). OBJECTIVE  To compare computer-guided and fluoroscopic kyphoplasty. Factors of interest were radiation exposure, position of cannula within pedicles and procedure time. METHODS  Kyphoplasty was performed on two cadavers. Computer-navigated, cross-sectional images from a cone-beam(More)
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