Michael M Vardy

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We studied whether patients hospitalized for LSD psychosis are clinically separable from acute schizophrenics. The family histories, manifest symptoms, premorbid adjustment, and profiles on an extensive test battery were analyzed for 52 LSD psychotics and 29 matched first-break schizophrenics. The LSD patients did not differ from schizophrenics in incidence(More)
Psychotherapy orientations, self-declared fortes in conducting therapy, and interpersonal values were studied among psychiatry residents and psychology interns in the late 1960s and early 1980s. A distinct pattern of psychotherapy orientations and fortes emerged which transcended professional backgrounds and proved stable across generations, despite some(More)
This study investigated novice psychotherapists' personal values and therapy orientations as a therapist variable affecting their therapeutic rapport with psychotic patients. Both types of therapist characteristics were found significantly related to their initial success in terms of rapport with patients, while psychological differentiation and A-B types(More)
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