Michael M. Tong

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Bridge is a behavioral synthesis system being developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Two slicing techniques are implemented in this system to drive structural allocation; one is local slicing and the other is global slicing. Global slicing supports the synthesis of concurrent processes with a centralized control. A variable in a behavioral description can(More)
<bold>This paper describes a design tool called Functional Design System (FDS) that supports high level MOS LSI design. Designers can build circuits at the register transfer level by using a set of high level FDS primitives. FDS then automatically produces in seconds an accurate and efficient polycell implementation for these primitives. Therefore, the(More)
A theoretical study is presented of the behavior of electric double layer (EDL) supercapacitors constructed from mesoporous activated carbon electrodes. A three-dimensional (3D) computational model is developed to predict the equilibrium charge distribution within the supercapacitor as a function of key electrode and electrolyte properties. The model is(More)
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