Michael M. Stanisic

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Abstruct-This paper analyzes symmetrically actuated double pointing systems, which are two spherical pointing systems connected serially with a common center. The double pointing systems have four degrees of freedom interrelated by two constraint functions, reducing the systems to two independent degrees of freedom. Together, these constraint functions(More)
This paper presents a humanoid robotic shoulder complex and the kinematics of humanoid humeral pointing as performed by this complex. The humanoid shoulder complex is composed of two subsystems, a parallel mechanism which serves as the innermost shoulder girdle and a serial mechanism which serves as the outermost spherical glenohumeral joint. These two(More)
In this paper, we present an iterative kinematics control law for redundant manipulators overcoming some usual problems associated to cluttered environments (constraints violations, oscillations, environment dilatation). The Constraints Compliant Control approach relies on a passive avoidance scheme (no motion generation for constraints avoidance) on a(More)