Michael M. Marefat

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Machine interpretation of the shape of a component for CAD databases is an important problem in CAD/CAM, computer vision, and intelligent manufacturing. It can be used in CAD/CAM for evaluation of designs, in computer vision for machine recognition and machine inspection of objects, and in intelligent manufacturing for automating and integrating the link(More)
Spatial quantization error and displacement error are inherent in automated visual inspection systems. This paper discusses the effect of spatial quantization errors and displacement errors on the precision dimensional measurements for an edge segment. Probabilistic analysis in terms of the resolution of the image is developed for two-dimensional (2-D)(More)
In this paper, we analyze the error in the dimensional measurement due to localization errors in the image plane of a parallel stereo setup. The mean square error of the dimensional measurements is formulated as the optimality criterion for determining camera poses. To determine optimal poses, a nonlinear program that minimizes the MSE while satisfying the(More)
In this paper, we provide an overview of how cognitive radio (CR) technology is making its way into the current wireless standards and we discuss further opportunities for more CR oriented standardization efforts. Specifically, we discuss how a cognitive engine (CE) can potentially be standardized and we offer our latest innovations on metacognitive engine(More)
An object-oriented kernel that integrates design and process planning in the domain of mechanical parts is presented. The kernel has identified and separated the integral elements of its domain from the elements that are associated with a particular design/manufacturing environment. Consequently, it can be customized to a wide range of environments and be(More)