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We examine change in the size of the public sector between 1980 and 1997 across twenty-six Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ~OECD! member nations, with particular attention to diffusion dynamics+ General method of moments ~GMM! analyses demonstrate imitation of shifts in government employment within the United States and mutual(More)
This paper analyses levels and trends in within-country income inequality during the second-half of the 20th century. Two broad general trends were visible: beginning in the 1950s and 1960s inequality declined substantially in most countries , and in the 1980s and 1990s it increased more variably and more slightly. However, we focus here on presenting and(More)
EnCompass ®1 , a web-enabled system for organizational process visualization, analysis, synthesis, and management, provides an interactive vehicle for understanding the influence of the modus of interaction on the impact and effectiveness or organizational communication, decision-making, and task execution processes. The conceptual framework of EnCompass ®(More)
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