Michael M. Lacy

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We have investigated the membrane remodeling capacity of the N-terminal membrane-binding domain of α-synuclein (α-Syn100). Using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and vesicle clearance assays, we show that α-Syn100 fully tubulates POPG vesicles, the first demonstration that the amphipathic helix on its own is capable of this effect. We also show that at(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether animal factors and level of professional veterinary medical training were associated with attitudes toward pain management in animals. DESIGN Exploratory, descriptive survey. SAMPLE POPULATION Students in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences professional veterinary medical curriculum (approx 540) and(More)
Ototoxicity is a main dose-limiting factor in the clinical application of aminoglycoside antibiotics. Despite longstanding research efforts, our understanding of the mechanisms underlying aminoglycoside ototoxicity remains limited. Here we report the discovery of a novel stress pathway that contributes to aminoglycoside-induced hair cell degeneration.(More)
Nanotopography refers to 10-100 nm surface height variations that exist on a lateral millimeter length scale on unpatterned silicon wafers. Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of deposited or grown films (e.g., oxide or nitride) on such wafers can generate undesirable film thinning which can be of substantial concern in shallow trench isolation (STI)(More)
The use of sexed semen in the dairy industry has grown rapidly. However, high costs and low fertility have limited the use of this potentially valuable tool. This study used simulation to evaluate 160,000 combinations of key variables in 3 spheres of influence related to profit feasibility: (1) market (e.g., milk and calf prices), (2) dairy farm management(More)
According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging, more than 14 percent of the US population is 65 or older, a percentage that is predicted to steadily increase over the next several decades. The rapid growth of this segment of the population is not a phenomenon limited to the United States — the global(More)
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The physical environment of a psychiatric facility can, by careful design, provide both a safe and supportive base for the treatment program. One requirement is an environment that is not monotonous; the lack of adequate stimuli leads to boredom, disorientation, and abnormal behavior. Visual stimuli are essential; they can come from changing patterns of(More)
The United States is a rapidly aging society. As a larger proportion of the population enters into the retirement years, it is likely that a larger portion of the nation's migrants will be elderly. Over the last four decades, natural disasters have also been increasing in frequency and scale across the United States. This thesis draws together two different(More)