Michael M. Goldstein

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This study examines the impact on student achievement of implementing a bundle of best practices from high-performing charter schools into low-performing, traditional public schools in Houston, Texas using a school-level randomized field experiment and quasi-experimental comparisons. The five practices in the bundle are increased instructional time,(More)
This paper concerns the geometric treatment of graphical models using Bayes linear methods. We introduce Bayes linear separation as a second order generalised conditional independence relation, and Bayes linear graphical models are constructed using this property. A system of interpretive and diagnostic shadings are given, which summarise the analysis over(More)
This research assumes that a problem-solving method has an applicabdtty condmon which specifies the properties of "good" problem-dependent parameters for the method Such a condition Is used as the basis of a computer program that mechamcally generates good parameters for the method to use in solving the problem Such problem-dependent parameters for a method(More)
Intel Technology Journal (February 2008) on Intel's Technologies and the Environment discusses a wide range of green technologies and efforts to conserve and sustain our natural environment through greener products, buildings, lifestyle, manufacturing and operations. Intel Corporation's four-decade history of technology innovations is a well-known fact.(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore Meals on Wheels' (MOW) organizational potential for integrating depression screening, referral, and treatment for homebound older adults. In a survey of 164 MOW administrators, MOW's current practice of depression services was examined, and the administrators' perception of MOW's organizational potential was measured(More)
A methodology is developed for the Bayes linear adjustment of the covariance matrices underlying a multivariate constant time series dynamic linear model. The covariance matrices are embedded in a distribution-free inner-product space of matrix objects which facilitates such adjustment. This approach helps to make the analysis simple, tractable and robust.(More)
Preface This report provides information on the preparation provided to teacher candidates from teacher training programs so that they can fully use assessment data to improve classroom instruction. It follows a similar shorter report we released in March 2012. 1 In this newest report, we have significantly expanded our initial sampling to encompass 180(More)