Michael M Bliziotes

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Neurotransmitter regulation of bone metabolism has been a subject of increasing interest and investigation. Dopamine (DA) has been reported to have effects on calcium and phosphorus metabolism. The dopamine transporter (DAT) is believed to control the temporal and spatial activity of released DA by rapid uptake of the neurotransmitter into presynaptic(More)
The increasing use of antipsychotics (APs) to treat pediatric psychiatric conditions has led to concerns over the long-term tolerability of these drugs. While the risk of cardiometabolic abnormalities has received most of the attention, preclinical and clinical studies provide preliminary evidence that APs can adversely impact bone metabolism. This would be(More)
There is increasing evidence for a contribution of the neural system to the regulation of bone metabolism. The skeleton is richly innervated by both sympathetic and sensory neurons. While these nerves serve sensory and vascular functions, they are also being found to influence bone cell activities. The most convincing evidence for this has been provided by(More)
OBJECTIVE Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) may reduce bone mineral density (BMD). Here, we investigate whether variants of the serotonin transporter-linked polymorphic region (5-HTTLPR) of the serotonin transporter gene moderate this association in boys. METHOD Between November 2005 and August 2009, medically healthy boys, aged 7 to 17(More)
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