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We present a prospective 4-year follow-up study of 96 patients with medication overuse headache following withdrawal. Complete datasets were available from 85 patients (89%) 6 months, from 79 patients (82%) 1 year and from 75 patients (78%) 4 years after withdrawal. Twenty-six patients (31%) relapsed within the first 6 months after withdrawal. The number of(More)
BACKGROUND Complete withdrawal from headache medication is the treatment of choice for medication-overuse headache. Discontinuation of the overused headache medication, however, results in the development of withdrawal headache, often associated with nausea, vomiting, and sleep disturbances. METHOD In a prospective study of 95 patients, the authors(More)
Dental treatment planning is highly dependent on the educational background and personal experience of the dentist and on the thoroughness with which findings are taken. The objective of research in the AIDA (Artificially Intelligent Dental Agents) project is therefore the analysis of dental decision making and the design of a decision-supportive software(More)
The objective of the AIDA project (Artificial Intelligent Dental Agents, http://aida.uni-hd.de) is the analysis of dental decision-making, the design of a computer-based decision support system, as well as the testing of the decision structure in interactions with dental experts, practicing dentists, and patients. The planning of the solution alternatives(More)
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