Michael Lowry

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Fish screens can help prevent the entrainment or injury of fish at irrigation diversions, but only when designed appropriately. Design criteria cannot simply be transferred between sites or pump systems and need to be developed using an evidence-based approach with the needs of local species in mind. Laboratory testing is typically used to quantify fish(More)
NASA is using model-based languages and risk analysis methodologies to raise software development to the level of hardware development. Ultimately, it hopes to achieve a fusion of systems and software engineering by replacing conventional software development techniques with capability engineering, which focuses on a system's full set of functionalities.
We analyzed a series of ten systematically developed surface exploration systems that integrated a variety of hardware and software components. Design, development, and testing data suggest that incremental buildup of an exploration system for long-duration capabilities is facilitated by an open architecture with appropriate-level APIs, specifically(More)
The intent of this study was to compare bicycle network connectivity for different types of bicyclists and different neighborhoods. Connectivity was defined as the ability to reach important destinations, such as grocery stores, banks, and elementary schools, via pathways or roads with low vehicle volumes and low speed limits. The analysis was conducted for(More)
This paper describes an adaptive algorithm for interpolation over a library of molecules subjected to synthesis and property assaying. Starting with a coarse sampling of the library compounds, the algorithm finds the optimal substituent orderings on all of the functionalized scaffold sites to allow for accurate property interpolation over all remaining(More)
Administering medication per rectum can be the most appropriate route for some patients may not always be considered by health professionals. Cultural sensitivities, as well as misinformation regarding insertion methods, may be barriers to the practice. This article explains how the rectal route functions in drug absorption, clarifies when this route is(More)
BACKGROUND In different posterior-stabilized (PS) total knees, there are considerable variations in condylar surface radii and cam-post geometry. To what extent these variations affect kinematics is not known. Furthermore, there are no clearly defined ideal kinematics for a total knee. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES The purposes of this study were to determine (1)(More)
Public involvement in transportation improvement programming is becoming increasingly important as well as being a recommendation of federal legislation in the United States. Although most transportation planning agencies have not actively involved the public during this stage of the planning process, there are many benefits to doing so, such as, gaining(More)