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Institutional Complexity and Organizational Responses
Organizations face institutional complexity whenever they confront incompatible prescriptions from multiple institutional logics. Our interest is in how plural institutional logics, refracted throughExpand
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The Institutional Logics Perspective: A New Approach to Culture, Structure and Process
1. Introduction to the Institutional Logics Perspective 2. Precursors to the Institutional Logics Perspective 3. Defining the Inter-institutional System 4. The Emergence, Stability and Change of theExpand
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A Tale of Two Cities: Competing Logics and Practice Variation In the Professionalizing of Mutual Funds
This article examines practice diffusion in an environment where competing logics exist, specifically investigating how trustee and performance logics that were rooted in different locations (BostonExpand
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Cultural Entrepreneurship: Stories, Legitimacy and the Acquisition of Resources
We define cultural entrepreneurship as the process of storytelling that mediates between extant stocks of entrepreneurial resources and subsequent capital acquisition and wealth creation. We proposeExpand
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Institutional rationality and practice variation: New directions in the institutional analysis of practice
In this paper, I highlight how popular understandings of neoinstitutionalism as a theory of isomorphism need to be revised as institutionalists have shifted attention towards the study ofExpand
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The Institutional Logics Perspective
This essay discusses a new approach to institutional analysis—the institutional logics perspective (ILP). This perspective is a meta-theory useful for integrating and augmenting a variety of socialExpand
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Institutional Sources of Practice Variation: Staffing College and University Recycling Programs
In this paper, I examine how variation arises in the staffing of recycling programs at colleges and universities. Through initial fieldwork, I identified two basic recycling program forms. SomeExpand
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Social Movements, Field Frames, and Industry Emergence: A Cultural-Political Perspective
This article examines how social movements contribute to institutional change and the creation of new industries. We build on current efforts to bridge institutional and social movement perspectivesExpand
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New Practice Creation: An Institutional Perspective on Innovation
Neoinstitutionalists have developed a rich array of theoretical and empirical insights about how new practices become established via legitimacy and diffusion, but have paid scant attention to theirExpand
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Vive La Resistance: Competing Logics and the Consolidation of U.S. Community Banking
We investigate how competing logics facilitate resistance to institutional change, focusing on banking professionals' resistance to large, national banks' acquisitions of smaller, local banks.Expand
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