Michael Loser

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The central complex of the grasshopper (Schistocerca gregaria) brain comprises a modular set of neuropils, which develops after mid-embryogenesis and is functional on hatching. Early in embryogenesis, Repo-positive glia cells are found intermingled among the commissures of the midbrain, but then redistribute as central complex modules become established(More)
In this study we employed the expression of the astrocyte-specific enzyme glutamine synthetase, in addition to the glia-specific marker Repo, to characterize glia cell types associated with the embryonic development of the central complex in the grasshopper Schistocerca gregaria. Double labeling experiments reveal that all glutamine synthetase-positive(More)
This paper presents an approach for image-based guidance of a surgical tool towards multiple targets from fixed or variable entry points. The method is based on visual servoing. It requires no prior calibration or registration. By taking advantage of projective invariants, precise needle alignment to a target can be achieved in a fixed number (12) of(More)
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