Michael Lombardi

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Visualization of electronic medical data in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is mainly tabular or in the form of stacked univariate plots of variables over time. In the NICU, norm values differ significantly from adult values, which determine scales and alarm limits in current clinical displays. Thus, the value of information displayed in traditional(More)
Over the last decade, gene expression microarrays have had a profound impact on biomedical research. The diversity of platforms and analytical methods available to researchers have made the comparison of data from multiple platforms challenging. In this study, we describe a framework for comparisons across platforms and laboratories. We have attempted to(More)
Current visualizations of electronic medical data in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) consist of stacked univariate plots of variables over time and a tabular display of the current numeric values for the corresponding variables and occasionally an alarm limit. The value of information is dependent upon knowledge of historic values to determine a change in(More)
Technologies that rapidly isolate viable single cells from heterogeneous solutions have significantly contributed to the field of medical genomics. Challenges remain both to enable efficient extraction, isolation and patterning of single cells from heterogeneous solutions as well as to keep them alive during the process due to a limited degree of control(More)
The performance of all relational learning techniques has an implicit dependence on the underlying connectivity structure of the relations that are used as input. In this paper, we show how clustering can be used to develop an efficient optimization strategy can be used to effectively measure the structure of a graph in the absence of labeled instances.
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