Michael Lloyd-Williams

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Various researchers have applied artificial intelligence technology in the form of export systems to the process of database design. This report examines several approaches, comparing them using the following criteria: stage of database design supported, type of user interface employed, method used to drive the design process, whether the approach possesses(More)
It is estimated that there are 35.6 million people with dementia worldwide and this is projected to increase to over 115 million by the year 2050. Dementia is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that significantly reduces survival. End-of-life care received by this group is often poor and does not equate to that offered in other life limiting illnesses.(More)
In this paper we wish to examine the phenomenon of Y2K as an instance of information systems failure. Taking this particular stance on the issue leads we feel to a number of interesting areas that demand further investigation. We first review the current phenomenon of Y2K and discuss some of the relevant work in the area of IS failure. The topic of IS(More)