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—A theoretical analysis of the overall mean squared error (MSE) in hybrid video coding is presented for the case of error prone transmission. Our model covers the complete transmission system including the rate-distortion performance of the video encoder, forward error correction, interleaving, and the effect of error concealment and interframe error(More)
The GridFTP extensions to the File Transfer Protocol define a general-purpose mechanism for secure, reliable, high-performance data movement. We report here on the Globus striped GridFTP framework, a set of client and server libraries designed to support the construction of data-intensive tools and applications. We describe the design of both this framework(More)
In this article we describe and investigate an Internet video streaming system based on a scalable video coder combined with unequal error protection that maintains an acceptable picture quality over a wide range of connection qualities. The proposed approach does not require any speciic support from the network layer and is especially suited for Internet(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine local control (LC) and complication rates for patients with intracranial meningiomas who underwent radiosurgery. METHODS One hundred ninety consecutive patients with 206 meningiomas underwent radiosurgery between 1990 and 1998. One hundred forty-seven tumors (77%) involved the cranial base. The median age at the time of radiosurgery(More)
A high-intensity fluorescent lighting system, tilted downward toward the head, and emitting negligible levels of ultraviolet radiation, was tested under two random crossover protocols in winter-depressed patients: 30-minute sessions at (a) 3,000 lux vs. 10,000 lux in early morning, and (b) morning vs. evening sessions at 10,000 lux. Judgment of clinical(More)
GridFTP has emerged as a de facto standard for secure, reliable, high-performance data transfer across resources on the Grid. By default, GridFTP uses TCP as its transport-level communication protocol. It is well known that TCP Reno cannot provide satisfactory performance on high-speed, long-delay networks. In this paper, we describe how we enabled GridFTP(More)
The authors present the case of a woman with a cerebellopontine angle (CPA) epidermoid cyst that degenerated into a squamous cell carcinoma. Malignant degeneration of an epidermoid cyst is an extremely rare occurrence. Malignant transformation must be considered in the differential diagnosis when new contrast enhancement on imaging studies and progressive(More)
Objectives We sought to identify if preoperative schwannoma magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) intensities might predict intraoperative consistency. We then determined whether consistency correlated with facial nerve outcomes. Design Operative reports from 2000 to 2010 were searched for tumor description as either soft and/or suckable or firm and/or fibrous.(More)
OBJECT The goal of this retrospective study was to evaluate endovascular treatment by means of Guglielmi detachable coils (GDCs) compared with surgical management for basilar artery (BA) apex aneurysms. METHODS Forty-one patients presented with saccular BA apex aneurysms with angiographically definable necks that were judged suitable for either treatment.(More)
OBJECTIVE The best management for patients with small- to medium-sized vestibular schwannomas (VS) is controversial. METHODS : A prospective cohort study of 82 patients with unilateral, unoperated VS less than 3 cm undergoing surgical resection (n = 36) or radiosurgery (n = 46). Patients undergoing resection were younger (48.2 yr versus 53.9 yr, P =(More)