Michael Lieberman

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Surgery is the mainstay of treatment for cholecystitis. However, gallbladder stenting (GBS) has shown promise in debilitated or high-risk patients. Endoscopic transpapillary GBS and endoscopic ultrasound-guided GBS (EUS-GBS) have been proposed as safe and effective modalities for gallbladder drainage. METHODS Data from patients with(More)
INTRODUCTION AND SCOPE We live in an interconnected world. What began as a dream of academic researchers has entered the realm of commerce and politics. What began as an experiment run by computer scientists in the IBM labs has morphed into human-computer interactions and social network analysis, and is driven by social media and information visualization.(More)
In April 2015, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) deployed a web-based, electronic medical record-embedded application created by third party vendor Vynca Inc. to allow real-time education, and completion of Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST). Forms are automatically linked to the Epic Systems™ electronic health record (EHR)(More)
We show that the category of abstract elementary classes (AECs) and concrete functors is closed under constructions of " limit type, " which generalizes the approach of Mariano, Zambrano and Villaveces away from the syntactically oriented framework of institutions. Moreover, we provide a broader view of this closure phenomenon , considering a variety of(More)
We present a novel approach to multi-engine machine translation, using a feature-based classification algorithm. Instead of just using language models, translation models, or internal confidence scores, we sought out other features that could be used to determine which of two translations to select. We combined the outputs from a phrase-based system, Moses(More)
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