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The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography evolved from an early small experimental Web server to a popular service for the computer science community. Many design decisions and details of the public XML-records behind DBLP never were documented. This paper is a review of the evolution of DBLP. The main perspective is data modeling. In DBLP persons play a(More)
Finding relationships between authors and thematic similar publications is getting harder and harder due to the mass of information and the rapid growth of the number of scientific workers. The io-port.net portal and the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography including more than 2,000,000 and 750,000 publications, respectively, from more than 450,000 authors(More)
CiteSeer and Google-Scholar are huge digital libraries which provide access to (computer-)science publications. Both collections are operated like specialized search engines, they crawl the web with little human intervention and analyse the documents to classify them and to extract some metadata from the full texts. On the other hand there are traditional(More)
Quality management is, not only for digital libraries, an important task in which many dimensions and different aspects have to be considered. The following paper gives a short overview on DBLP in which the data acquisition and maintenance process underlying DBLP is discussed from a quality point of view. The paper finishes with a new approach to identify(More)
Zusammenfassung Der leichte Zugang zu aktueller und qualitativ hochwertiger Fachinformation ist auch in der Informatik essentiell f ur Lehre Forschung und Ent wicklung Die wichtigsten Medien zur Verbreitung wissenschaftlicher Informationen sind in der Informatik Tagungen Tagungsb ande Zeitschriften und in zunehmendem Ma e das Internet Neben Preprint Servern(More)
The paper describes a set of approaches for representing and accessing information within a semantically structured information portal, while offering the possibility to integrate own information. It discusses research performed within the project ‘Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals (SemIPort)’. In particular, it focuses on (1) the(More)
Access to publications is provided by conventional libraries, digital libraries operated by learned societies or commercial publishers, and a huge number of web sites maintained by the scientists themselves or their institutions. But comprehensive meta-indices in combination with a helpful graphical user interface for this increasing number of information(More)
Finding related publications and their correct bibliographical data is getting harder and harder due to the mass of unrequested information and the decreasing precision of many information providers. The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography is a service used by thousands of computer scientists which provides fundamental support for scientists searching for(More)