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Polymorphisms in several DNA repair genes have been described. These polymorphisms may affect DNA repair capacity and modulate cancer susceptibility by means of gene-environment interactions. We investigated DNA repair capacity and its association with acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML). We studied polymorphisms in 3 DNA repair genes: XRCC1, XRCC3, and XPD.(More)
I Preface I WAS A BOND salesman, on Wall Street and in London. Working beside traders at Salomon Brothers put me, I believe, at the epicenter of one of those events that help to define an age. Traders are masters of the quick killing, and a lot of the killings in the past ten years or so have been quick. And Salomon Brothers was indisputably the king of(More)
BACKGROUND An ad hoc peer-review committee was jointly appointed by Drug Authorities and Industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 1999/2000 to review the evidence for a causal relation between phenacetin-free analgesics and nephropathy. The committee found the evidence as inconclusive and requested a new case-control study of adequate design. (More)
BACKGROUND The association between intake of non-phenacetin-containing analgesics and the occurrence of chronic renal failure is still controversially discussed. A new epidemiologic study was planned and conducted in Germany and Austria. METHODS/DESIGN The objective of the international, multicenter case-control study was to evaluate the association(More)