Michael Lewis

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I Preface I WAS A BOND salesman, on Wall Street and in London. Working beside traders at Salomon Brothers put me, I believe, at the epicenter of one of those events that help to define an age. Traders are masters of the quick killing, and a lot of the killings in the past ten years or so have been quick. And Salomon Brothers was indisputably the king of(More)
Many factors are acknowledged as contributing to the current childhood obesity crisis, with the role of parenting style having recently come under scrutiny as researchers have begun to apply behavioral concepts like control and permissiveness to the context of feeding. In the present study, 20 mothers (10 overweight, 10 normal weight) and their 2-year-old(More)
OBJECTIVE Network analysis is a useful tool for understanding how symptoms interact with one another to influence psychopathology. However, this analytic strategy has not been fully utilized in the PTSD field. The current study utilized network analysis to examine connectedness and strength among PTSD symptoms (employing both partial correlation and(More)
Bevan 2014. Development and preliminary evaluation of an internet-based healthy eating program: randomized controlled trial. Please note: Changes made as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing, formatting and page numbers may not be reflected in this version. For the definitive version of this publication, please refer to the published(More)