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A 2.91-billion base pair (bp) consensus sequence of the euchromatic portion of the human genome was generated by the whole-genome shotgun sequencing method. The 14.8-billion bp DNA sequence was generated over 9 months from 27,271,853 high-quality sequence reads (5.11-fold coverage of the genome) from both ends of plasmid clones made from the DNA of five(More)
3-year-old children were presented with easy and difficult tasks and their emotional responses of shame and pride were observed. No shame was shown when subjects succeeded on the tasks and no pride was shown when they failed. Significantly more shame was shown when subjects failed easy tasks than when they failed difficult tasks, and significantly more(More)
In each of 2 studies, the mirror-rouge technique was used to differentiate children into those who showed self-recognition and those who did not. In Study 1, 27 children (aged 9-24 months) were observed in 2 experimental situations thought to differentially elicit fear and embarrassment behaviors. In Study 2, 44 children (aged 22 months) were seen in the(More)
Alpha atrial natriuretic peptide (alpha-ANP) and brain natriuretic peptide are homologous polypeptide hormones involved in the regulation of fluid and electrolyte homeostasis. These two natriuretic peptides apparently share common receptors and stimulate the intracellular production of cyclic GMP as a second messenger. Molecular cloning has defined two(More)
A human tumor necrosis factor (TNF) binding protein from serum of cancer patients was purified to homogeneity and partially sequenced. Synthetic DNA probes based on amino acid sequence information were used to isolate cDNA clones encoding a receptor for TNF. The TNF receptor (TNF-R) is a 415 amino acid polypeptide with a single membrane-spanning region. The(More)
Of 3533 Rh-negative women who began a pregnancy without detectable Rh antibodies, 62 (1.8%) demonstrated evidence of Rh isoimmunization during pregnancy or within 3 days after delivery. All denied transfusions as well as abortions or previous pregnancies not followed by the administration of Rh immune globulin. Rh isoimmunization during pregnancy or within(More)
The specificity predicted by differential emotions theory (DET) for early facial expressions in response to 5 different eliciting situations was studied in a sample of 4-month-old infants (n = 150). Infants were videotaped during tickle, sour taste, jack-in-the-box, arm restraint, and masked-stranger situations and their expressions were coded second by(More)
Complementary DNA clones encoding two distinct tumor necrosis factor receptors were isolated from a mouse macrophage cDNA library. The cDNA for murine tumor necrosis factor receptor type 1 (mTNF-R1) predicts a mature polypeptide of 425 amino acids that is 64% identical to its human counterpart, whereas the cDNA of murine tumor necrosis factor receptor type(More)
During development, each tissue receives and maintains a number of specific neuronal projections that are adequate to sustain its function. The mechanism by which this intricate process occurs is not well understood, but it has been proposed that diffusible neurotrophic factors derived from the target tissue may be involved. Here we describe the(More)