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— This paper presents USARSim, an open source high fidelity robot simulator that can be used both for research and education. USARSim offers many characteristics that differentiates it from most existing simulators. Most notably, it constitutes the simulation engine used to run the Virtual Robots Competition within the Robocup initiative. We describe its(More)
This paper describes an effort to identify common metrics for task-oriented human-robot interaction (HRI). We begin by discussing the need for a toolkit of HRI metrics. We then describe the framework of our work and identify important biasing factors that must be taken into consideration. Finally, we present suggested common metrics for standardization and(More)
Although visualizations are components of many information interfaces, testing of these visual elements is rarely undertaken except as a part of overall usability testing. For this reason, it is unclear what role, if any, visualizations actually perform. Our method involves the creation of simple visual prototypes and task sets based on a visual taxonomy(More)
d e Interacting with a computer requires adopting some metaphor to guide our actions an xpectations. Most human-computer interfaces can be classified according to two r t dominant metaphors: agent or environment. Interactions based on an agent metapho reat the computer as an intermediary which responds to user requests. In the environ-d ment metaphor a(More)
Although many different visual information retrieval systems have been proposed, few have been tested, and where testing has been performed results were often inconclusive. Further, there is very little evidence of benchmarking systems against a common standard. An approach for testing novel interfaces is proposed which uses bottom-up, stepwise testing to(More)
Camera guided teleoperation has long been the preferred mode for controlling remote robots, with other modes such as asynchronous control only used when unavoidable. In this experiment we evaluate the usefulness of asynchronous operation for a multirobot search task. Because controlling multiple robots places additional demands on the operator, removing the(More)
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