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The muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonists, atropine and pirenzepine, produced an apparent insurmountable antagonism of muscarinic M(1) receptor-mediated intracellular Ca(2+) mobilization in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells when tested against the agonists carbachol or xanomeline. Each antagonist caused a dextral shift of the agonist(More)
Binding of the peptide hormone angiotensin II (AngII) to the type 1 (AT(1A)) receptor and the subsequent activation of phospholipase C-mediated signaling, involves specific determinants within the AngII peptide sequence. In contrast, the contribution of such determinants to AT(1A) receptor internalization, phosphorylation and activation of mitogen-activated(More)
Many G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) possess allosteric binding sites distinct from the orthosteric site utilized by their cognate ligands, but most GPCR allosteric modulators reported to date lack signaling efficacy in their own right. McN-A-343 (4-(N-(3-chlorophenyl)carbamoyloxy)-2-butynyltrimethylammonium chloride) is a functionally selective(More)
  • M Lew
  • 2007
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This paper is intended to assist pharmacologists in making the most of statistical analysis and in avoiding common errors that can lead to false conclusions. APPROACH A scenario is presented where a pathway inhibitor increased blood pressure responses to an agonist by about one third. The fictional experimenter concludes that the(More)
1. The interaction between the cannabinoid agonists, WIN 55,212-2 or CP 55,940 with the CB(1) receptor-selective antagonists, SR141716A or LY320135 was investigated using the rat electrically-stimulated vas deferens bioassay. 2. Tissues were stimulated by single-field pulses (150 V, 0.5 ms) delivered every 30 mins. In the presence of nifedipine (3 microM),(More)
This sketch presents a real-time system that aims to bridge a gap between machine listening technology, and self-editing, self-synchronizing video: a movie organizes itself from "listening" to music. In our current demonstration, a series of short video clips of "Cati" dancing, originally shot at different tempi, are arbitrarily sequenced, always in sync(More)
1 Vas deferens from guinea-pig was stimulated with a suction electrode and both contractions and release of endogenous ATP monitored 2 Release of ATP was tetrodotoxin-sensitive and increased when the number of stimuli was increased. 3 Release of ATP was not due to contraction of the muscle and persisted following block of contractions with prazosin and(More)