Michael Leonard

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Background We recently validated in cross-sectional studies a new method to determine total body creatine pool size and skeletal muscle mass based on D 3-creatine dilution from an oral dose and detection of urinary creatinine enrichment by isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS). Routine clinical use of the method in aging and disease will require repeated(More)
CONTEXT Medication error prevention is a priority for the U.S. healthcare system in the 21st century. Use of technology is considered by some as critical to achieve this goal. Knowledge of the attitudinal barriers to such adoption, however, is limited. OBJECTIVE To determine the attitudes of frontline prescriber clinicians towards technology in general,(More)
Current methods for clinical estimation of total body skeletal muscle mass have significant limitations. We tested the hypothesis that creatine (methyl-d3) dilution (D3-creatine) measured by enrichment of urine D3-creatinine reveals total body creatine pool size, providing an accurate estimate of total body skeletal muscle mass. Healthy subjects with(More)
Several simulation models have been developed by the authors dealing with specific applications in the health care field at the West Virginia University Hospital, as well as for the entire State of West Virginia. This paper illustrates the diversity of simulation as a decision making tool in the health care field, in areas such as operating room(More)
Transforming an organizational culture is a worthy and achievable endeavor, even when faced with limitations in funding and technology that appear as insurmountable obstacles. Equally ominous but necessary is the need to conquer commonplace problems such as medication errors. This paper will detail the means used at one hospital facility to make medication(More)
The open source RFortran library is introduced as a convenient tool for accessing the functionality and packages of the R programming language from Fortran programs. It significantly enhances Fortran programming by providing a set of easy-to-use functions that enable access to R's very rapidly growing statistical, numerical and visualization capabilities,(More)
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