Michael Lehning

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—As sensor networks become increasingly popular, heterogeneous sensor networks are being interconnected into federated sensor networks and provide huge volumes of sensor data to large user communities for a variety of applications. Effective metadata management plays a crucial role in processing and properly interpreting raw sensor measurement data, and(More)
I ncreasing environmental challenges worldwide and a growing awareness of global climate change indicate an urgent need for environmental scientists to conduct science in a new and better way. Existing large-scale environmental monitoring systems, with their coarse spatiotemporal resolution, are not only expensive , but they are incapable of revealing the(More)
—In fixed PV installations, the azimuth and tilt of the panels are normally chosen with the objective of maximizing the plant capacity factor. In this paper, we show that when considering distribution networks with densely clustered PV plants, there exist installation criteria other than the conventional that achieve higher net PV production without(More)
Terrestrial laser scanning was used to measure snow thickness changes (perpendicular to the surface) in a rock face. The aim was to investigate the accumulation and redistribution of snow in extremely steep terrain (>60 •). The northeast face of the Chlein Schiahorn in the region of Davos in eastern Switzerland was scanned before and several times after a(More)